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Happy Girls

Why Localism?

Localism is a revolutionary idea.

It means restructuring of power hierarchies.

Localism, as a theory of change, posits that the expertise does not only reside in the think tanks but also among those who have local knowledge, those with a feel for how things work in a specific place and an awareness of who gets stuff done. Here, success is measured not just by how big you can scale, but by how deeply you can connect.

Localism stands for the idea that there is no one set of solutions to diverse problems. Instead, it operates through a dynamic process with tight feedback loops that allow building your own solution to your problem that fits your local context. It believes that people are happiest when their lives are enmeshed in caring for face-to-face relationships, building their communities together.

Reimagining Development and Welfare through Local Ideas, Strategies, and Management practices
Woman in a Field

Self - Reliant Families 

Rural | Urban I Tribal 

Using farm and non-farm based livelihood activities to augment household income.

Bodies That Matter

Gender | Sexuality | Reproductive Rights

Nudging women, adolescent girls and boys to claim their rights to progress toward a gender-just world.


Every Child A Song

Networked learning | STEAM education | Beyond Schooling

Reimagining education beyond the traditional spaces, and encouraging alternative learning spaces through the communities of practice.


Vulnerable I Parentless I Children at Risk

Ensuring health, education, and psychosocial support to children who are vulnerable, abandoned, orphaned and at risk.

Image by Loren Joseph


Legal Education | Civic Rights | Pro bono public

Legal education and development support to children, women and community members to ensure their human rights. 

Localism Academy

Skills | Knowledge | Capabilities 

Low-cost short-term courses on knowledge, skills, and capabilities to conduct everyday activities of organizations and institutions.

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