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Image by Charlotte Harrison

Every Child A Song

Networked learning | STEAM education | Beyond Schooling

Leveraging educational technology to promote personalized learning. Reimagining education beyond the traditional spaces, and encouraging alternative learning spaces. Building strong foundations in STEAM education and integrating it with 21st-century skills.

Image by jaikishan patel

Localism strives to address inclusion in education, drawing attention to all those excluded from education, because of background or ability. Centrality of education in a child’s life reminds us that, no matter what argument may be built to the contrary, we have a moral imperative to ensure every child has a right to an appropriate education of high quality. By making formal and informal sites a place to learn,


Localism focuses on practical pointers and strategies that help children develop positive thinking patterns, and belonging, counteracting their negative self-perceptions, making students see the relevance of what they are learning, and are they learning. Localism believes in educational interventions that are in local language, use children’s prior knowledge by utilizing culturally relevant pedagogies. 

Localism attempts to leverage educational technologies to promote personalized yet situated learning. It firmly believes that education needs to be reimagined beyond the traditional spaces, by encouraging alternative learning spaces through the communities of practice approach. Building strong foundations in STEAM education and integrating it with 21st century skills is the way forward.

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